Sunday, January 3, 2010

The 40-40 Club

I have been racking my brain over the last few months as to what my 2010 plans will be as it relates to endurance events. Turning 40, I also wanted to have some correlation between my age and my events or training.

My original thought was to participate in 40 events from running to cycling to triathlons. After some careful consideration and number crunching, I decided this was not the wisest of ideas. Living in this area, I would likely have to race 40 out of 52 weekends and/or race 2 times per weekend. Truth be told, this became unrealistic.

Should I try and run 440 miles? Try to bike 4040 miles? As I kept thinking about it, I wanted to try something a little different, challenging, reasonable and fair to the family.
  • Different: I have done many local races a number of times. I have done the Timberman, Mooseman, Black Fly, Patriot, Black Bear, Big Lake, Tri Clough, Lobsterman, Pumpkinman, Rye Du, and many more.
  • Challenging: I have been lucky enough to improve over the years of racing. From 5k's to marathons and sprint triathlons to Ironman, I have done all of the distances.
  • Reasonable: Each race I have done in the past has been somewhat reasonable to attain and train for. With Ironman being the most challenging, I don't want to do something so extreme that it takes more time than I am able to give.
  • Fair: With Ironman out of the picture and down "sizing" my expectations. I am hoping I can stay fit without putting the family out too much.

So, after crunching numbers, doing some race research, and thinking it through to a certain extent, here is what I have come up with for 2010 and being 40.

My first goal is to workout 404.0 hours. To me, that is A LOT of time to commit to working out. With coaching until March and trying to maintain a resemblance of a family, this will be a challenge. I know during the summer months that I will be able to "make up" time, but a big week for me is only about 12 hours or so. Without Ironman in the picture, training may be even less.

The hours and minutes break down like this:

  1. 404.0 hours = 7:37 hours/week
  2. 404.0 hours = 1:05 hours/day

For most endurance athletes, this will really not be much of a challenge. Some of you get 404.0 hours in just 20 weeks. You are hardcore and training like crazy. Each of our lives are a bit different, so I think it will be difficult for me.

The second part of 2010 for me will be trying to do 100% new races. If I have raced an event before, it is off the list for 2010. Sorry Patriot, Pumpkinman, Timberman, and others. The search is on, so if you have any events, send them my way.

The final part of my 40 year challenge is to find an event that pushes me beyond my limits or comfort zone. This may mean a MTB race, an ultra, or something off my radar the last 40 years. I have been searching for just the right event and a couple have peaked my interest. However, no decisions have been made.

So, if you have any ideas or suggestions, let me know. I hope being 40 and taking on new challenges will re-energize me after a difficult 2009. As always, I'll let you know.

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