Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Think I Am Getting Older

I honestly believe age is just a number. I think I stated this in a past entry. However, think my body is beginning to tell me something different. I remember listening to a comedian talking about getting older but if you are an "athlete", I think it hits you a little bit differently.

In some way, we are all egocentric because we exercise to improve how we look and how we feel. We are also competitive in some manner or we wouldn't be doing what we are doing day in and day out. Having tunred 40 this year, I don't believe I am slowing down. In fact, I just set a PR for a half marathon last week. But, things are a-changin'.

Creams. Have you ever noticed how many different creams or gels you are using as you have gotten older? It hit me the other day when I was getting ready for work AFTER a workout. Dry skin, skin cream. Achy calf, Arnica Cream. Dry, crusty feet, Bag Balm Cream. Gotta shave, shaving cream. Again, this is AFTER a workout. If you add the Body Glide before a workout, you have another. Ten years ago, I just showered, put on deodarant the went. Now, not so much.

Hair. I don't care if I have grey hair as long as it keeps growing back. But, it seems hair in my ears and in my nose are growing at a much faster rate than those on my head. Why is that? You already know my aversion to body hair but having it grow and grow out of my nose and ears is ridiculous. I don't get it AND don't like it. Thank goodness for tweezers and hair trimmers!

Naps. I know I am up early and my jobs' stress level has increased, but if I lay down on the couch, I fall asleep. I mean, I don't even remember falling asleep and nothing wakes me for that 30 minutes or so. I am out, cold. This never used to happen. I know it happens to my mom and dad, but me too?

Car Rides. For some reason, music in the car doesn't do it for me anymore. I now find myself listening to "talk radio" more often than ever. Why is that? Has the music gotten worse or have have my tastes changed? I seem to get bored listening to music but hearing to some person talk about cars stimulates my mind. Have I gotten more mature? I just don't get it.

I know there are changes that are happening to me physically, but mentally too? How does one fight the ear and nose hair? Or the need for use of a plethora of creams? Or even the urge to listen to stupid talk radio?

I know how to fight the battle physically and will keep fighting the good fight. Anyone with suggestions for the other battle??

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